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EducateAKid 2016 Annual Report

OHM's charity initiative, EducateAKid is a fully volunteer managed scholarship program designed to help financially challenged underprivileged students pursuing college education in India. EducateAKid program had another successful year (2016) raising just over $50,000.  EAK expects to support more than 90 students this year.

The 11h annual EducateAKid Banquet was held on Nov 5th at Amaya Restaurant in Buena Park, CA, The Diwali themed event was attended by over 275 guests.  



UST Global continued their support to EducateAKid on 2016 with another GOLD Sponsorship.  Dr. Shyam Krishan, who is a long-time supporter for EducateAKid was a GOLD sponsor as well.


EAK 2016 was well supported by the following silver sponsors; Avadeesh Agarwal (Agarwal foundation), Speredian Technologies, Rekha and Jaydeep Menon Family, Simplain and Recurring Decimals (Sujith Nair).


Following are the bronze sponsors for the year 2016; Dr. Achu & Radha Menon, Dr. Geetha and Ashok Krishnan Family, Logan Anjaneyalu (Prilogsys), Meena Mohan, Mrs. Latha Hariharan & Sajan Pillai Family, Ramdas Pillai (Nuphoton Technologies), Sarasa Narayanaswamy & Dr. Narayanaswamy.  

EducateAKid Cricket

EducateAKid conducted its first fundraising cricket tournament in the first week of January 2016. The tournament was a huge success as it not only raised over $3,200 but also increased the awareness about EAK in the local community.  The grand sponsor for this event was Matthew Thomas and the GOLD sponsor was Max Chowdhary (Farmers insurance).  The event was fully supported by OHM community members and longtime well-wishers of the EducateAKid program.  Team United X1 is recognized for bronze scholarship as reward for winning the tournament

Following individuals and families (most of them long time supporters of EducateAKid program) contributed towards the Named Scholarships in 2016

Named Scholarships

Balu Sastry & Family
Bijili Nagarajan & Family
Dhanya & Rajiv KS Family
Dr. Usha and Pat Iyer Family
Fullerton Titans (EAK Cricket 2016 runner)
Geetha & Balaji Family
Hema and Balan Panicker Family
Hari Nair(Houston) Family
Jaya & Prasad Pillai Family
Manjusha & Ramesh Menon Family
Prof. Jayakrishnan Family
Pushpa & Venkat Family
Radhakrishna Sharma Family
Ravi Raghavan and Family
Rema Nair & Family
Sathi & Ravi Vellatheri Family
Sindhu and Suresh Kariyadan Family
Sreelatha Vijayalakshmi Family
Suneetha & Jay Nair Family
Thankamani & Harikumar Family
Viji & VInodh Bahuleyan Family


Let us Sing Group
A volunteer group of singers who put together a band for the EAK event.  The EAK committee is glad to dedicate a named scholarship to recognize this team's effort and the financial savings they brought in.  Let us Sing team members; Anjali Ghosh, Athira Suresh, Baba Pranab Krishnankutty, Balan Panicker, Devi Pillai, Dipu, Divya Dipu, Gowri Ramdprasad, Ravi Raghavan, Sabari K.N, Sindhu Pillai, Suresh Enchoor & Vinodh Bahuleyan put together a unique and entertaining program during the fundraising banquet.

Anjali Ghosh sang the prayer song at the event.

Nithya and Vivek (both college students) teamed to emcee the event and entertained the audience throughout the event.


In his welcome address, EAK Chair, Sanjaye Elayattu, recognized and thanked all the sponsors, advisors, long-time supporters, volunteer and founders who made this a successful program.  He also explained the student selection process for the EAK and also shared the details about the program’s success over the past few several years.


Dr. Kasthuri Venkaterswaran, a Senior Research Scientist at NASA, graced the occasion and delivered the keynote speech.


Mr. KP Hari, a longtime supporter of EAK volunteered to deliver an emotional appeal to the audience.


Mr. Sasi Menon, a long time EAK Advisor from India,  spoke on behalf of EAK advisors and informed the audience about the role of EAK Advisors in the program.

OHM president Rema Nair and other board members recognized and facilitated key contributors and long-time supporters of EducateAKid.  The board also recognized and appreciated previous EducateAKid chairs Balan Panicker, Ashok Krishnan and Ravi Raghavan.

Mrs. Arathy , Vimal Ghosh, Jaydeep Menon, Vinodh Bahuleyan and Prasad  managed still and video recording during the event

Danny  volunteered to set up the photo booth free of cost to the delight of the EAK committee and the audience.

Volunteers Suneetha Nair, Divya Dipu, Sachitha, Athira Suresh, Dhanya Pranab, Prasad, Sandya, Tina and Smitha helped out with stage and table decorations.

Jiju Purushothaman and Suneetha sponsored the Raffle gift.

Mrs. Rupa and Namaste Plaza added flair to the event with their vendor booths.

Dipu Vr directed the EAK introductory video which set a positive tone for the whole event.  Dipu also took the lead role with Vinodh for the Let's sing band.  Ramesh Menon ,Ashwin Sanjaye and Tanush  acted in the introductory video.  Suresh and Sachin played effective roles behind the camera for this impactful video.

Babapranab for volunteered to manage the sound system for the let's sing band as well as for the whole event.   

Awards were given to the Best dressed male, female and couple by a group of anonymous judges.

Master Rishi from SITA PANI dance academy entertained the crowd with a sterling dance performance.

EAK collected a record $440 with the raffles.  Raffle was fully managed by the following kids; Meghna Nair, Meghna Sujith, Nandana Sujith and Ashwin Sanjaye.

Ramesh Menon, Sabari KN, Sreedevi Warrier and Viji Vinodh volunteered to manage the front desk.     

Amaya Restaurant owners were very supportive of the event as they even offered a part of their revenue from drinks towards the cause.

Journalists from India west, India journal covered the event

Mr.Ravi Vellitheri was facilitated by OHM President Rema Nair for spearheading the fundraising effort this year as well.

Vinodh Bahuleyan, Suresh Enchoor and Jaydeep Menon contributed immensely towards the planning and execution of the event logistics.

Jaydeep Menon contributed to the event by creating the visuals and audio and helped out with the PR messages during event as well as over the   few months prior to the event.
EAK co-chair Jay Nair continued to provide his guidance and leadership throughout the year 2016.


Vinodh Bahuleyan, secretary of OHM and a long-time supporter for EducateAKid, thanked the donors, entertainers, volunteers, advisors in India and everyone who worked for this cause over the years.


On behalf of all the students who benefitted from the program, EducateAKid committee and OHM board thanks all the financial contributors and corporate sponsors, advisors in India and volunteers who helped this year’s initiatives.  With your generous contributions and help, EAK will be supporting a record number of students this year.




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