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EducateAKid Advisor
  • An enthusiastic, reliable, trustworthy, and well organized volunteer in India who is well known to one of the OHM members or their close contacts in the USA. EAK depends heavily on the advisor’s abilities to execute the program locally, he/she being their primary contact.

  • He / she should be able to identify with the prevailing issues surrounding professional colleges, fee structures, student needs etc., and be able to critically examine authenticity of certificates & other documents before forwarding applications to EAK.

  • Almost all EAK work is now done on digital media. It is essential that the advisor has access to a computer, be familiar with internet applications, and be willing to regularly communicate by e-mail and/or telephone with the EAK committee.

  • Advisor should be willing to volunteer their time (and some personal resources) towards EAK related responsibilities throughout the year, and be willing to follow up on applicant’s financial & family conditions, academic progress, scholarship disbursement details, and use his/her judgment as to whether the process is proceeding smoothly and correctly.

  • Advisor ought to be able to maintain a well-organized dossier/ folder on the contacts, details and documents of each applicant (preferably on the computer), so that they are accessible at short notice to himself/herself and EAK, if need be.

  • Once the student graduates, the advisor ought to be prepared to sustain the communication with the scholarship recipient regarding their employment status, willingness to promote EAK, support other students etc, as required.

  • In future EAK will require the applicant to 1) get additional letters of support from local officials, and 2) start a bank account locally to withdraw funds. The advisor is preferably well connected in the local community, and known to local officials, bank managers etc.

  • EAK will approve the advisor when the OHM member (or contact) can satisfy that the recommended individual fulfills these conditions.

Duties of Advisor
  •  Collect, verify, application, & supporting documents

  •  Make independent inquiries regarding applicant status, authenticity etc

  •  Forward details to EAK before closing date *

  •  Communicate EAK committee decision to applicant, if selected *

  •  Ensure applicant gets the funds, and sends back an acknowledgement to EAK *

  •  Follow-up on the recipient’s progress, re-application process etc.

  •  Maintain good records of their dealings with applicants

  •  Keep in touch with recipient after graduation

                                         *Dates/ deadlines for these items will be communicated every year

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