Frequently asked questions


What is the Application Process?

Please go to the ‘Application’ page, download the application and read the instructions.
You should have valid email addresses and telephone numbers and we will verify them for authenticity. Otherwise the applications will be rejected. Incomplete applications and application submitted without a recommendation from the advisor will be rejected.

Do I contact EAK directly for my application process, outcome, or other issues?

You are welcome to contact us directly, but almost all our communications and decisions are made through local advisors in India (see list of advisors in application page in the website). They are your first point of contact for your needs.

Does the application need to be received by scholarship deadline or postmarked by scholarship deadline?

The application must be postmarked by scholarship deadline, which is usally November 30th.

I desperately need the money to pay for school; can I get an exception to the eligibility criteria?

No, a scholar must meet the eligibility criteria as listed. EAK has a selection committee that will take into consideration the financial and family circumstances, and educational merits of the candidate. However, you can explain to your advisor your special concerns, and we may review the eligibility issues.

I couldn’t finish the application by the deadline; can I get an extension?

No, the application must be postmarked by the deadline date (which can be confirmed by advisors) to be considered. Please work with your local advisor regarding this.

My school does not provide < some required document> etc. what do I do ?

Note this on the application and have a school / local official confirm that by a signature or letter.

There are a lot of detailed questions about my school performance and finances. Do I need to answer all of them?

Yes, they are the basis of the scholarship determinations. Remember this is both a merit and need-based scholarship and we need to confirm the both merit and need. Any application that does not fully answer the questions will be disregarded. Please get your advisor’s, teacher’s or parent’s help if needed. If you are not able to access this information, send us an explanation.

Does EAK support post-graduate studies after I graduate?

This is very rare. Support to post graduates are provided only if we have excess fund to distribute (which is not very common)

Do I need a bank account to receive the scholarship?

Yes. The student must have an account in a bank through which we can do the remittances if needed.

What is my commitment to EAK?

a) To successfully complete the course, and obtain employment, so that you can support your dependents, and alleviate financial hardship in your family
b) To put something back into EAK and help other needy students in the coming years
c) Maintain contact with EAK and your advisors and help us build this program