Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Who is eligible for the EAK scholarship?

Any Indian (citizen) student with financial hardship, who has been offered a seat in a professional graduate training program in India (that leads to a degree), is eligible. Courses with higher probability of gainful employment may get preference (i.e. Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Computer Science, Paramedical courses etc).

Are scholarships offered to liberal or performing arts programs?

Yes, but on a case to case basis, depending on the candidate’s chances of employment, and the training facility. Select applicants have been offered scholarships for classical dance training in reputable institutions.

Does it matter which community or geographic region the student comes from?

No. Students (male or female) who meet our educational & financial need criteria from any religious, ethnic, or social class can apply. We do not discriminate on the basis of community, religion, class, or caste. Students from any part of India can apply if they can identify an advisor in his/her geographic area.

Can students with physical disabilities apply?

Yes, of course. EAK may even give some preferences to a few such applicants each year, based on individual need and circumstances. The applicant will have to provide proof of disability from a qualified medical professional.

How many scholarships are given each year?

The number varies each year depending on a set of criteria agreed upon by our selection committee, and the availability of funds. Number of scholarships awarded has been in steadily increasing; in 2016-2017, EAK awarded 94 scholarships

Does EAK support the candidate's entire financial burden for the course?

No. We can only supplement some of their requirements. They may have to find alternate resources to bridge the gap.

Once selected, is the scholarship guaranteed for the entire length of the cadidates course?

No. The applicant has to re-apply and qualify every year. Decision is mainly based on the continued academic performance of the student, but other factors may apply. EAK will try its best to continue supporting the successful candidate through the entire program

When do students get the scholarship amount?

We transfer money to students bank account, this usualy happens in the month of February and March

How is EAK administered?

EAK program is run by a co-ordinator (chairperson) and a team (committee) selected by the OHM Board, a non-profit organization in the USA that promotes the culture of the southern Indian state of Kerala. The team comprised of OHM members takes care of operations, event management, fundraising, advisor relations, candidates selection and other tasks delegated to the team by the OHM Board. Our scholars are selected and scholarships administered through an advisor network in India (appointed by the EAK committee).

Do the students need to pay back the scholarship offered?

No. This is not a loan, but we encourage the students to do their best to donate back to EAK when they are financially better off, and help other needy students. It’s voluntary, but we hope all the students will honor the commitment.

How do I become an Advisor? What are my duties?

Please review the page Advisors, to get answers to this question. You may also email to find out more information


How does EAK raise funds

Through generous donations from individuals, families, corporations, and businesses in the USA, mostly from the Southern California community. Every year we also conduct a banquet and variety fund-raising program. Since 2016, we have also added an annual Cricket Tournament for fundraising. Please visit our sponsors page (home page) and support our business sponsors

What are the EAK overheads?

EAK is a fully volunteer-driven program. It has no administrative expenses. The only expense for EAK are that of the fundraising events. All net proceeds from the fundraising events and individual/corporate donations go towards the scholarships

How do I donate?

a) You can click the Donate Now button on the top of this page to make an online donations. b) You can also mail a check to EducateAKid, P.O. BOX 310, Artesia, CA 90701

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. EAK is registered as a non-profit charity in California, and your donations are eligible for tax exemption. We will send you a formal receipt well in advance to enable you to get a tax refund.

As a donor, can I choose the scholarship candidate?

Donors contributing US$ 500/- and above in a calendar year are eligible to name a scholarship on behalf of loved one.

How does EAK use my contributions?

EAK has only minimal overheads. Currently 80%-90% of your donation will be utilized for providing financial assistance to the applicant in a calendar year, and remaining will be put aside in an endowment fund. The endowment is capped at $100,000 and will be used only as a rainy-day fund to support students when there is a drop in EAK fundraising.