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About EducateAKid (EAK)

  • EducateAKid is a Scholarship program, designed to provide financial aid to underprivileged students performing exceptionally well academically and who wanted to pursue a college degree in India

  • EAK is managed by OHM, a non-profit organization based in Southern California, USA

  • OHM was established in 1992 to support, develop and promote the religious and cultural traditions of State of Kerala. For more information, please visit OHM website

  • EAK is a 100% volunteer run organization and has no administrative overheads, ensuring that all the net proceeds from fundraising efforts reaches the most deserving students

  • A Chairperson selected by the OHM Board runs the affairs of the EAK.

  • The scholarship money is raised through fundraising events organized by the EAK committee and OHM board.  These events are supported by donors and well-wishers of the community.  Donations to EAK may be tax deductible for Federal Tax purposes

  • In 2022-2023 EAK awarded scholarships for 206 students

Student Selection Process

  • A group of volunteer Advisors selected by the OHM Board thoroughly screen the scholarship applications for eligibility based on student’s educational and financial status

  • Students who are attending a professional degree with higher probability of gainful employment may get preference for scholarship (e.g. Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Civil Services, Computer Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Science or any degree with a focus on certain employmen)

  • EAK also gives preference to students with physical disability based on the need and circumstances

  • Application window usually will be open every year from October 15 through November 30, and the scholarship amount will be distributed by end of March of the following year

  • EAK scholarship application must be filled online and must be submitted electronically. EAK Committee will not accept any hard copy of the application form.  The instructions for completing the form and verification of the student status are explained in EAK website

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