Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How is EAK administered?

EAK program is run by a Chairperson and a team selected by the Organization of Hindu Malayalees (OHM) Board. EAK raises its funds through various fundraising activities. The scholarship candidates are selected by Advisors through a rigorous screening process following the directions from EAK. However, final selection of eligible candidates will be determined by EAK Committee and the OHM Board.

Does it matter which Community or Geographical region the Applicant comes from?

  • Yes. Applicant must believe in the mission and core values of EducateAKID’s parent Organization, OHM. Please visit OHM website for more information.
  • Applicant must be an Indian citizen, residing in India. Applicant from any part of India can apply if they can identify an Advisor in his/her hometown or nearby District.

Who is eligible for the EAK scholarship?

  • Any Indian (citizen) student with financial hardship, who has been offered a seat in a professional graduate training program in India that leads to a professional degree with higher probability of gainful employment is eligible to apply for scholarship. (e.g. Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Civil Services, Computer Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Science). EAK also gives preference to students with physical disability based on the need and circumstances.

What is the Application Process?

Please go to the ‘Application’ page, download the application and read the instructions. All applicants must have a have a valid email address and telephone number(s). EAK Committee and Advisors will verify them for authenticity. Incomplete applications will be rejected. All applicants (new and renewal) must submit a new form each year.

Do I need to answer all questions about my school performance and finances?

  • Yes, they are the basis of the scholarship determinations.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need of the Applicants. Any application that does not fully answer the questions will be disregarded. Please get your advisor’s, teacher’s or parent’s help if needed

Can I get an extension of time for filing the Application?

  • No. The application must be received by the posted deadline or else will be rejected.
  • All applications must be submitted online, and the completed application and the relevant documents must be scanned electronically.

How to choose an Advisor?

You must choose an Advisor close to your area. List of Advisors from various districts are listed in EAK Website. Each applicant must meet their Advisor for verification of required documents and their signature certifying the document’s authenticity. Applications without the signature of the Advisor will be rejected. This requirement is applicable for both new and renewal applicants.

Do I contact EAK directly for my Application process, outcome and other issues?

No. All our communications and decisions are made through local Advisors. They are your point of contact.

My school does not provide required documents. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process the Application.

Do I need a bank account to receive the scholarship?

Yes. The student must have an account in an authorized bank. It is necessary for EAK to process the scholarship remittances for the selected candidates.

How many scholarships are given each year?

The number varies depending on a set of criteria agreed upon by our selection committee and the availability of funds each year

Do we pay back the Scholarship amount?

No. The scholarship amount is not a loan, but we encourage the students to donate back to EAK when they are financially better off to help other needy students.

Does EAK consider post graduate students for scholarship?

Yes. But preference will be given to Undergraduate students.

What is my commitment to EAK?

Complete education successfully and obtain employment so that you can support your family and dependents financially. Follow a lifestyle that OHM, the parent organization of EAK, stands for and get involved with EAK, in the future, as a donor/advisor.

How do I become an Advisor? What are my duties?

Please review the page Advisors, to get answers to this question. You may also email to find out more information.